DentGroup Kids -Dental Clinic for Children With the treatments applied by pedodontists, meaning pediatric dentists, it is possible to have a life without decayed teeth. Things are much easier to progress in children. We apply protective and preventive dental treatments in order to make our children become conscious about oral and dental health and we to enable them to have a life without any decayed teeth
We apply protective and preventive dental treatments by making your children conscious of oral and dental health and we enable them to have a life without any decayed teeth.

When should I have my baby’s first dental examination?

World Health Organisation-WHO and American Pediatric Dentistry Association recommends for first dental examination to be made when the first tooth has appeared. (generally between 6 months-1 year).

 Isn’t it too early to take my child to dentist at the age of 1?

Primary task of pediatric dentists is to protect your children from decayed teeth. The purpose in realizing this examination at an early age is to show you what to do to avoid your baby’s teeth to
get decayed and to control his dental health by calling you to come for controls at certain intervals.

The things not to be done before the examination are more important than those to be done.

Before treatment don’t use words like ‘Don’t be afraid. It won’t hurt’ to your child. These statements cause children to have the idea that they can have pain in their subconscious minds.

  • Don’t reward your child with a gift after dental appointment. This would cause your child to believe that the process is a difficult one.
  • It would be better if you don’t tell to your child about your good and bad experiences with previous dentists.
  • Don’t make frightening sentences to your child stating that if he didn’t go to the doctor, his teeth will get decayed more and that they will need to be extracted after needle injection will be applied to him. Because all these processes can be required to be applied to your child one day.
  • Don’t give promises to your child that dentist will only look at his teeth. Let your child and dentist decide on what to be done on the first appointment.

 What can be done when visiting the first child dentist?

On the first dental examination pediatric dentist aims to examine all the teeth of children by using a mirror or light and to share the problems and treatment alternatives with the parents.Mothers and fathers are informed about nutrition and protective applications as being the most important topics. During the first appointment, pedodontistsmake your child get used to the dentist by using games and methods that don’t hurt. This approach of pedodontists help to avoid dentist phobia to develop.

What do I need to know when bringing my child to DentGroup?

We especially prefer you to bring your child to the appointments as mother and father.Bring your child to treatment appointment as fully fed unless it is told otherwise.Children who get their dental treatment very harmoniously, can get very discordant when they get tired or bored. This situation can influence the following appointments negatively too . For this reason do not insist on your children and your doctor to realize more processes.While your child is getting treatment, don’t ask him questions like “Does it ache?” or “Are you tired?” which could have a negative
impact on his motivation